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Located on the heart of Atlantic Canada, PEI is favored by Mother Nature to nurture a diverse source of Seafood all year round. Our Atlantic Lobster is in the world directory of the finest Lobster. Our Bluefin Tuna is classified as one of the most luxurious dishes worldwide. In addition, our Island also has a wide range of both seasonal and non-seasonal seafood from Oyster, Snow crab, Scallop to Halibut, Salmon, and more.

Founded in PEI’s heart, Charlottetown, Mainland 36 INC carries a mission to discover and deliver PEI’s gifts of Nature not only locally but also to our friends and partners all over the globe. Since our establishment in 2020, we have been devoting our effort to fulfill our ambition, vision, and to bring the privilege of savoring PEI’s treasure right to your home.


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